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“Super Samoan”
20″x24″ Acrylic

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Two cats being interrupted by themselves from an alternate dog dimension

It isn’t worth it!

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Emily Jeffords | @emily_jeffords

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Sarah Connor
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In the 1985 Terry Gilliam dystopian film, Brazil, there is a short scene wherein the protagonist, Sam, phones into the “Central Services” to get his heating and air conditioning fixed. He finds his requests dispassionately and politely declined. Amusingly, renegade repairman Archibald Tuttle intercepts the request and infiltrates Sam’s apartment in order to repair his air conditioning. This, of course, is a dangerous and highly illegal endeavor- “Central Services” eventually seizes Sam’s apartment because of the unauthorized repairs. Apple would be proud. In Brazil, Gilliam frames Tuttle, the third party repairman, as a literal subversive. To me, the third party repairmen who fix cracked IPhone screens are probably not that far off Gilliam’s Archibald Tuttle.
Reading cyberpunk as a guide to surviving hyper consumerism - Cyborgology
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>> Oben sehen Sie das Waffenarsenal eines Hamburger Neonazis. Unten das Waffenarsenal eines Rostocker Linksextremisten. Über letzteres berichteten nach einer Presskonferenz der Hamburger Polizei nahezu alle Medien. Von ersterem erfährt die Öffentlichkeit nur dank hartnäckiger Recherchen der taz. die tageszeitung. Die ganze Geschichte hier:

http://www.taz.de/!5433015/ <<


#fcknzs #fckcps #acan #acab

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